Journeying: Inside - Outside

This is a two day workshop I have developed to offer you some specific techniques to work with in your own lives. It is useful to have ways to connect with our deeper selves and with the spiritual realms so we can access what is needed whenever we have a challenge in life and also …

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Cadair Idris

Today I walked up Cadair Idris and while out I wrote some of my musing down to share with you here – often I am very inspired on the hill but find it hard to capture the experience in words once home. This mountain has many stories and myths surrounding it. One is about two …

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The Mountain's Character - Glyder Fawr

I was on the Glyders last week and journeyed intuitively into the mountain – Glyder Fawr specifically and felt I was being shown the character of this wonderful mountain and its symbolic lessons it shows us. We can each do this in wild natural places around us and some of the messages we gain will …

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I Have just come across Nick’s Blog and thought I would share it with you all – A wonderful photographer capturing the energy and beauty of Snowdonia. Powerful evocative images as we so often see on our walks through this beautiful terrain.

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Spirit Animal for Spiritual Mountain Walking

Just before I started offering these guided days I was asked to do a video to help some students with their coursework. They wanted to focus on the tarot initially, but when they heard of my plans and preliminary experiments with spiritual mountain walking for others they wanted some footage of this too. On the …