Somewhat premature with my “Spring is Coming” post earlier this month now we have been plunged into the depths of winter again!

The scenery here in North Wales is absolutely stunning though – when the cloud isn’t down.  Snow everywhere and mountain and sky playing lost and found with each other. It is wonderful to walk in the low valleys.

It is dangerous in the mountains though in these winter conditions and you need to be experienced and well equiped. Mountain rescue has been promoting people stay out of the hills this Easter as it is very challenging.  There has been a risk of avalanches this year in Wales which is unusual and also high winds making paths and routes look very different from what you might expect. The following Mountain Rescue video makes the point very well.

It is one of those times when we see the power that is greater than ourselves expressed in nature very well. We need to have respect for the elements and the power they contain. As we recognise our limits, we also see the power that surrounds us and take our place as part of the whole rather than setting ourselves against it.

Yes we can take steps to help ourselves to further our limits and yet still stay safe. We do this by gaining the training, the equipment and the personal knowledge of our ability, fitness and experience to aid our decision making. We can trust our intuition as part of this as out intellectual knowledge feeds into and is taken account of in our intuitive facility.

I love the power the snow has to show us how it can wipe things out and make the landscape ‘pure’. It paints on the earth. I love the vision of beauty that has a power of destruction, a shadow side to the purity, as each of us do. Perhaps we can learn, from our vision of the weather, how we ourselves express our purity and also our destructiveness.  Sometimes things benefit from the change caused; we need to let go, release and break structures we have set up.  Sometimes we need to paint the canvas of our life with purity and light to renew our spirits.

At this time of Easter many are thinking about the duality of death and rebirth, chaos and purity. So be safe this Easter if you are venturing near or into the hills, consider what your own limits are and perhaps have a think about the symbolism of the experience you have and how it relates to your life currently and how it might link into your own spiritual beliefs.

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