Being on the mountains is a spiritual event. Just the proximity to nature, the wildness of the weather, and on a good day, the feeling of space and the glorious views, all serve to elevate our mood, and give us a fresh perspective on life.


Walking up a mountain can take a good deal of effort, it is hard work however fit you are, as you tend to walk a pace that is at the top of your threshold whatever that may be, however it also brings its rewards with a increased ability of your body to process foods and to cleanse your system, as well as over time increased fitness and strength of your heart and muscles generally. On the day of a walk there is also the high experienced when expending effort climbing a mountain from our body’s natural drugs the endorphins.

All these things together can really make for a positive experience and take us out of day to day concerns and allow us to feel more of who we really are. As we relax into this then we also find our creativity and inspiration increases and we find answers to problems come to us easily that perhaps we have spent much time thinking over previously. It is as if the exercise the space and the feeling of freedom allows our brains to find the answers we were seeking without us having to push to make the search happen.

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Walking in the mountains is not without danger though – skills and experience are needed to make the day a safe one. Minimising the risks whilst maintaining the sense of adventure and stepping outside of our usual sanitised environments. I am a fully qualified Mountain Leader and will be able to lead you into the wilds using my skills and experience, allowing you to focus on yourself and your own experience. Some of my mountain days are structured to enhance the inner work, peacefulness and self discovery from the environment – Others are designed to be more free allowing you to decide moment to moment what to explore within yourself and your connection to your environment.

I am a former counsellor and also a intuitive psychic tarot reader, I have spent a lot of time in the mountains, where I find peace and my own cleansing of my energies. I can bring to your mountain experience techniques and skills in active meditation, personal development and my intuition on your current situation in life. I aim to empower you to find the answers you need and to find the peace your seek. we look at the surrounding environment and its messages for you as well as your own inner world for answers that you can find there.

If there is something specific you would like me to structure just let me know – I am open to your suggestions.