Today I walked up Cadair Idris and while out I wrote some of my musing down to share with you here – often I am very inspired on the hill but find it hard to capture the experience in words once home. This mountain has many stories and myths surrounding it. One is about two giants fighting and this is the Chair (Cadair) of one of them, Idris. Another famous myth is that if you spend the nigh on Cadair Idris you return either a poet or a madman!

I returned before nightfall, but found myself inspired and very much in touch with the idea that this mountains energy is about creativity. The phrase ‘Wellspring of creativity” circled round my thoughts.

Here are some of the inspirations I had whilst there and a sample of the photos – the full set can be seen on my Spiritual Mountain Facebook page here


Here I am on this glorious day on the side of Cadair Idris. With the tales of giants poets and madmen, I can see this is a wellspring of creativity. Sinking deep into the depths of oneself as seen in the deep dark pool at its base , and rising up out majestically as we see in the magnificent cliff side.  I am joyfully inspired and see a painting and expression in the making.














Images speaking of focusing our will on the sort of thing we wish to find in out creative well, then maintaining the intention.



Then letting go, letting go of our usual critical self talk, our boundaries and self imposed limitations about what we can and can’t do. Let go and allow the responses to spring up from the depths.



A healing waterfall – rushing along, flowing forward, with beauty and sparkle, shimmers silver in the sunlight.


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