We had a wonderful time on Siabod on Saturday, it was a walk and talk day and I felt we were going to have good weather despite the forecast being for low cloud at lunchtime and rain showers. I want to talk here about my experience with the cloud beings on the summit of Siabod. We ourselves were clear of cloud so could very the panoramic sky around us – it was a hazy day and many of the peaks were clouded.

The clouds seemed to be moving and swaying and had a gentle nature about them. I looked up into the sky as we took the first summit picture of Sarah and could see a cumulus cloud haloing her head, it seemed to me like her crowning glory of the ascent and being here on the day.

As we sat down to eat we watched the clouds as they moved – varying speeds and levels from each other they were mesmerising and in the haze of the day the blue shy that was showing was like that baby blue colour and all seemed very soft and gentle – yet also powerful. I know full well to be in th clouds we were seeing would be quite a different experience but viewed from a far it seemed to me like a rich tapestry of life, and with the clouds and their water content, I felt was like the richness of character we have as humans, stemming from our emotional experience of the world – the complexity and variety was all displayed multi-layered one on top of another and watching one type then the next reminded me of the way we watch ourselves and our reactions to things that happen to us. Also as with the clouds when in that feeling things can feel fuzzy, blurred and we can feel lost, yet when viewed from a distance, with love and compassion, from the observer in us, it is merely the experience of life and gives us our depth of character, our understanding of ourselves and of the world and forces us to really know and decide where we are going – it brings our strengths to the surface.

I felt I was being shown such a message from the cloud beings, and as they shifted and changed each movement brought more reverie.

At times I felt there was a nurturing being overseeing all the rest, and one that would rush on past the others paying no attention – it almost seemed childlike and impetuous. I felt honoured to be shown such a display for the day. It seemed so wonderful to be shown such beauty. Sarah too gained many of her own messages from the clouds – each of us shown something personally.

Cloud beings

We often can allow ourselves to see reflections of our higher wisdom in nature around us – as we stop trying and allow ourselves to be influence by what is around us we can allow our thoughts to answer our questions through the imagery ever changing nature provides for us. I find myself being shown a lot relating to the observer within at this time, I feel I need to use my observer mode more and more. As we allow ourselves to value ourself for all of our responses to the world – as we step out of ourselves so we stop the self judgments we condemn ourselves with and can more easily come to a place of self love.

Cloud Beings shifting

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