Questions inspired from the energies that can be attributed to the 4 directions:

Are the practicalities right for me?

Am I open to finding out more about who I am and clearing anything that blocks me?

Am I willing to go on an inner and outer quest for my truth?

Can I stand back from my life for a weekend to allow myself to see the bigger picture of my life and trust that the details I need will stand out?

We will be working in a supportive environment, where there will be guidelines to help you feel safe to share as you wish, and hold private anything you need to, with confidentiality within the group.

There is a mystery to unfold – we can not know all but we can allow our sense of awe in the mystery of life to help us feel safe to be in our own mysteries.

We can trust to a unifying force that holds all of life together, perhaps seeing this as a higher power, or oneness of all existence.

If it feels right for you then please email me to book your place as soon as possible.

I look forward to seeing you there 😀

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