So it’s taken me a while to find the space to write about these two workshops. Both were very successful with participants gaining a lot from the experience and enjoying the process.

In Wales the group was small and very connected, we worked wuite deeping on day one inside and when we walked on day two everyone was very ready for some deeper meditation. The weather was stunning so we took things very slowly – stopped a lot to consider ourselves and our surroundings and did some guided journeying out on the hill. It was so warm and welcoming there was such joy in simply being present in nature. We walked up Cnicht which is a small but interesting mountain often called the Welsh Matterhorn as it has a similar profile when viewed from a particular angle.

Then in France with a larger group we explored our inner worlds indoors and introduced a number of shamanic and psychosynthesis concepts. We were alively group with a lot of sharing. Held in the stunning location of Chez Hawkins. Some participants were staying here and others in Lesparrou

The next day we had our  our journey up st Barthelemy led by the wonderful Dave Norris. We were again blessed with weather, sunshine and clarity in the skies, we started slow but picked up some speed as the day progressed with our aim for a ridge to the side of Barthelemy. We stopped a few times to consider the enviroment and to meditate on different aspects the situation brought us. At the end of the walk we came across a group of black ponies who were very inquisitive. With Horse as the power animal of Spiriual Mountain Walking, it was a powerful experience to connect with these amazing animals and I felt the event was blessed and took it as a sign to run more of this nature.

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