However we get into nature it is the experience of being within it that hits us so strongly – today, for me, it was a run and what a run it was! It was raining for a lot of the time and the sun came out too – parts of the hillsides were lite in rotation as the weather beings pointed out beauty spots on the land before me. And the rainbows – so many parts of rainbows appearing and disappearing it was such a sight – then as I ran down into the next valley a perfect rainbow with the hint of a double displayed itself in all its beauty before me – You can see it below… I stopped in awe as I looked at this perfection and wondered at its message to me.

Run of Rainbows - here almost a double one across the valley

We take our own messages from nature – if we allow ourselves to just experience what is then after we get into the quiet space nature helps bring to us we can hear our own guidance being sent to us through the events and images created around us by the earth, the weather, the sun and creatures we meet. Here I was shown the beauty that comes from the dark and the light unifying together one illuminates the depths of the other. I also felt a sense of the old would be left behind and the new would be better and on a different level – something I have been feeling about my running personally over the last week or so. Some transformations have taken place within me and I know I am in a very different attitudinal place now to before, it is better and more joyful!

I ran on and went through the dark woods and began to feel I was in a fairy tale with all the elements of magic, beauty, danger and darkness. Then out the other side to the glade of orange as I ran through a floor or bright orange beech leaves and felt autumn had finanlly decided to overthrow the summer of last week. I was reminded of the inner work I did with my energy levels and orange light, I felt my energy increase and I picked up speed uphill through the woods.

Then I experienced the car wash cleansing of the head high bracken either side of the narrow path, drenching my whole body with the fallen rain on the foliage and the addition light rain from the sky. I laughed and ran and felt my feet sink into the mud, the earth itself between my toes, water splashing all around me as I ran through ankle deep puddles – somehow everything seemed right in the world – the dark the light all being one, the wet the dry, that what we (or I) resist uniting with what we (or I) embrace, coming together in beauty and joy – complete acceptance. I felt for a few moments totally at one with the earth and all within it.

I looked up and saw the rain clouds with their silvery white linings and the bright blue sky patches promising warmth and clarity. It seemed everywhere I looked there was balance and the uniting of opposites – not to create a grey or a mush of colour – not today but each to highlight and offset the other, and to create something completely new – the rainbow of their unity.

When you next go into nature, whether to sit or walk or run, take a little while to quieten your mind, perhaps allow the time for your mind to ‘talk itself out’ a bit then listen to the world around you without expectation – what messages spring to your mind telepathically almost, what are you reminded of. Listen gently and you will hear gems to hold with you.

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