Just before I started offering these guided days I was asked to do a video to help some students with their coursework. They wanted to focus on the tarot initially, but when they heard of my plans and preliminary experiments with spiritual mountain walking for others they wanted some footage of this too. On the day we went to film we went to the Brecon Beacons. It was a misty rainy day, with some low cloud so we went to a low hill so there would be some views for the filming.

The walk we had a magical encounter with some wild ponies, they were very animated and came very close to us, this was an unusual experience for me, though I very often encounter wild ponies in Snowdonia, they usually keep to themselves and move away rather than towards us. On this occasion however they came very close and we captured them on film. I felt it a very powerful experience,  and felt they were both a protective emblem for me and the work I was about to embark on, as well as symbolically rich as totems for this work.

You can see a clip of the footage here http://youtu.be/dJk2Hfv7Iys

I have been reading a lot on shamanism recently, as I have been drawn to reconnect with shamanic thinking after a powerful walk and talk with a client where some shamanic journeying in the wilds was very transformative. I came across writings about horse and it reminded me of the start of this work, I decided I would share this beginnings with you all.

Horse is about strength, service, and movement forward. Very appropriate for working with others in service to spirit and each person’s highest development. I have been reminded too that often horse represents the soul, and a connection with the divine. Something we often experience when we spend time in nature, whatever our religious or spiritual background or current belief.

I read today that Wales itself was named after the horse god Waels, or Waelsi, and that the goddess Epona was also often revered in the uk. Shown as riding two horses, she is seen as protector of the Otherworld, and can safely carry people between the worlds.


Horse is also associated with freedom, freedom of expression and the balance between the tame and wild that we have within each of us, that is so often reflected in the changing weathers experienced in the mountains.

How wonderful a totem to have been offered for the work we do here. I felt honoured, and still do, that horse provides her protection and loving care as I work with my clients and the other realms, through experience in the Welsh mountains.

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