I was on the Glyders last week and journeyed intuitively into the mountain – Glyder Fawr specifically and felt I was being shown the character of this wonderful mountain and its symbolic lessons it shows us.

We can each do this in wild natural places around us and some of the messages we gain will be applicable to others who come to the area, and some will be personal to us. I will share here my own inspirations from Glyder Fawr, and perhaps it will resonate with those of you who have been here also.

There is a feeling of diversity, variety and the wonder of difference. I felt Glyder Fawr was emphasising  uniqueness as a positive quality and that as each of us value what is different about ourselves we can come to offer the world something very special that only we can provide. I felt Glyder Fawr to be heralding innovation and originality,

Also a sense of mystery and the unknown, not as something to uncover and find – something to reveal, but as a quality to appreciate in itself. The lessons we learn from sitting with the unknown, simply being with the small amount of the universe we can know and accepting the vast unknown as a beautiful mysterious place that allows us to think in unlimited ways, to have less restriction about what might be possible, somewhere at some time, it shows us a blank canvas where pictures of an infinite variety may be produced from the same unknown, undifferentiated source. As we create our creations are then unique – from oneness comes another, duality and so existence begins.

I felt astrologically Uranus would sit well with the energy of Glyder Fawr, with its innovative rebellious nature. The very look of Glyder fawr as a moonscape giving the feeling of a shock of suddenly being transported to another planet, or at the least a star trek set, as it can feel when one first experiences the landscape. In mist particularly the atmosphere is dramatic and other worldly.

Perhaps go to a local place yourself and travel into that place on an inner journey and see what it has to show you about it’s nature and what parts of you it may allow you to contact more easily. As you catalogue the area you live in you will find the support and specific healing solace you need when you are feeling out of balance. And you form a living relationship with your environment.

Please feel free to comment here with your experiences if you feel drawn to.

Approaching Glyder fawr
Approaching Glyder fawr

Misty Mystery

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