On a walk and talk day we will be walking through mountainous terrain, the wilds and wilderness. We will be using the opportunity to both connect with nature, feeling its energy, and also to converse about spiritual and developmental issues.

You can guide the conversations as you would like to, you can explore personal issues, your questions and ideas about spiritual realms, and the related practices such as meditation, shamanism, tarot and divination. We can put some of these techniques into practice if you choose.

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These days are designed to give you time and space. for getting into a flow, or stream, of consciousness. You can allow your thoughts and feelings about your life, and about your spiritual place on earth, to just flow through you. Often once in this flow you can attain understanding and ‘ah ha’ moments for yourself, with only the intervention of good listening, and feel safe from your usual interruptions and tasks in life. I am a skilled counsellor and have tools to help you find yourself through your words and feelings. Though these days are not counselling or therapy sessions, they can often have similar reviving and transforming results in your life. They can help you find more understanding and compassion for yourself. The environment itself can also provide a backdrop of awe and challenge which can show us even more about ourselves and our spirituality.

Walk and Talk days are about personal time for you – alone or with a highly trusted friend or partner. It is a private and personal day for you. I give you personal attention and time. You can bring one other with you if you choose. By there being only 2 of us (or 3 if you bring a friend) enables this personal attention throughout the day.


When we have the natural world around us – the energies of the plants, trees and rocks – the very earth itself gives a healing energy to us as we pass through it. The further we get away from built up civilisation, the more we can find our true spirit and peace within us. The natural world mirrors to us the feelings and thoughts we have in life and many times will show us, in its own ways, how we can best approach our challenges. For instance, thinking of how a river is flowing over and around obstacles, can help us see where we are resisting the flow in our lives. Perhaps, rather than trying to change the obstacle or move it, we need to just accept it and flow over or around it as seems right in the moment. Nature has many messages such as these for us to take if we spend the time in its company – talking or in silence. Though I will not be offering a structure to walk and talk days (as I do for other days I offer) I can facilitate your experience of the peace, if this is what you desire, as well as making time for conversation, questioning and self exploration.

Practically the terrain is of a serious nature and a fairly high level of fitness is needed to be able to complete these days, though some days will be easier than others. You will also need a desire to experience the adventure of the wild outdoors, the weather, the remoteness and the natural hazards we find there. I will be guiding our journey, navigating and making the journey as safe as can be reasonably expected. You will need to accept there are inherent dangers in mountaineering that can not be reduced which form part of the experience of the wildness and remoteness.

I am a qualified mountain leader and so have the skills and experience to lead you in this terrain, through weather changes, landscape challenges and navigation requirements. I will advise you on how best to be prepared for the challenges – what to wear and carry – and I will be responsible for the navigation throughout the day. It will mean at times I will need to be focused on this, rather than our conversation – but often this gives a moment to pause and reflect on what has been covered before. I am also an experienced intuitive psychic tarot reader, a qualified counsellor and psychologist. I bring these skills and experience to our day’s conversation.

So, in these days the mind, body and spirit are all given space and time for them all to be active and developed together through one holistic experience.

Contact me if you have any questions and to book your day.

Walk and Talk Day – £120