I thought I would let you all know how this last seasons walks have been going. I haven’t had the time to write up many of the walks as I had intended to however I have been able to post photos from most of the walks I have done with people on facebook so please do sign up and like my page (https://www.facebook.com/SpiritualMountainWalking?ref=hl) or friend me here(https://www.facebook.com/emma.sunertonburl). Facebook is being difficult with page posts at the moment, however if you add me to your interests lists you should be able to see when I upload something new – also liking what you see when you do see a post I make will also help the facebook code to know to show you more from my site. I hope they change things and make it easier to stay in touch in the future.

Back to this years walks – The spiritual mountain walking has been going really well this summer – I have focused on one-to-ones mostly, rather than groups, and found I have pretty much been fully booked on the weekends I have allocated to work; many of the weekends I have needed to save for family, so this year it’s worked out as fortnightly mountain weekends through the summer. Its been great! I have also had a  few mid week bookings which have been good too, midweek walks are always quite special in that we are more alone in the hills than at the weekends.

The weather has been pretty bad at times but it has been wonderful to see how much people get from the days even in the most appalling conditions – somehow it has really made it for people; the facing of the wildness of nature, the direct connection with the natural forces and the reflection of our own forces and power within. It was wonderful to see people gain so much from this as I was concerned at one point that people would be disappointed if the weather was challenging – it seems it is so not the case which is great! Obviously personally I have always liked all weathers, as the power is really apparent in bad conditions, and its great to be able to share my positivity with others and often it has made it all the more exciting. We were also blessed with a couple of inversions this year on the walks – powerfully beautiful and special to be in. An inversion is where the cloud is lower than the mountain peaks and often we are walking up into cloud to find ourselves popping out on the top with a clear sunny view of all the other tops in Snowdonia. It can be quite a rare occurrence in this area, but this year we have experienced a few.

I am looking forward to next years walks, already several of you have expressed interest in booking dates and I am setting some group days – dates already available on the website – and some navigation training for those of you who want to be able to experience the magic of the mountains alone in a safe way. I will be taking bookings shortly for 2013; the season will start when the clocks change in March 2013. So let me know if you would like to book a personal walk and talk mountain day or if you would like to be part of one of the group days arranged for next year. I look forward to hearing from you. 😀

Enjoy the winter, remember to get out and appreciate the miracle of nature around you – even in a city nature is present with messages for us.

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